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HELLFEST 2013, Clisson, Photos

Hellfest Open Air 2013, Clisson, 21.-23.06.2013 (all bands and photos here)

Friday, 21.06.2013 (all band and photos here)

Avantasia (all photos here)

avantasia 019

Helloween (all photos here)

helloween 007

Twisted Sister (all photos here)

twisted sister 011

At The Gates (all photos here)

at the gates 014

God Seed (all photos here)

god seed 002

Testament (all photos here)

testament 018

Europe (all photos here)

europe 015

Saxon (all photos here)

saxon 003

Dr Living Dead (all photos here)

dr living dead 001

Saturday, 21.06.2013 (all band and photos here)

Bullet For My Valentine (all photos here)

bullet for my valentine 009

Accept (all photos here)

accept 019

Down (all photos here)

down 029

Audrey Horne (all photos here)

audrey horne 002

Sunday, 21.06.2013 (all band and photos here)

Volbeat (all photos here)

volbeat 009

Lordi (all photos here)

lordi 012

Symphony X (all photos here)

symphony x 005

Wintersun (all photos here)

wintersun 010

Newsted (all photos here)

newsted 015

Danko Jones (all photos here)

danko jones 010


Vainstream Rockfest 2010, Am Hawerkamp Münster, 26.06.2010 (alle Bands & Fotos gibt es hier)

As I Lay Dying (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

as i lay dying 015

as i lay dying 001

as i lay dying 006

Ska-P (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

ska-p 003

ska-p 009

ska-p 025

NOFX (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

nofx 015

nofx 007

nofx 027

Neaera (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

neaera 003

neaera 013

Danko Jones (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

danko jones 002

danko jones 024b

Broilers (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

broilers 007

broilers 016

Atreyu (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

atreyu 024

Skindred (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

skindred 015

36 Crazyfists (alle Fotos gibt es hier)

36 crazyfists 018