Well, now are all concertphotos online and I think I must write a little laudation.

First of all thanks to PU a.k.a. „Bandalf„, for inviting me to this great experience!
tour impressions 014

Thanks to Striking Justice from Hengelo for really cool Hardcore music and shows and my homeboys from Wrath for great Melodic Death Metal and playing a awesome cover of „The Trooper“!
tour impressions 001

Also thanks to all people in Poland who made the concerte possible: Michal & the Fundacja, Pub Kornel, Motor Rock Pub Slupsk, Klub Estrada in Bydgoszcz, Charging Summersault & Insecticide

Thanks to all the crazy polish Hardcore boys & girls and headbanging metalheads for being at the concerts!

And last but not least thanks to the few, who did party with us. Thank you, KKKL.

Some impressions from the tour following, for all impressions and all photos just click here.

tour impressions 010

tour impressions 037

tour impressions 060

tour impressions 058

tour impressions 015